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Affiliations: Molecular beam laboratory, Neutron Research Department, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. Foundational Questions institute.

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  1. M G Kozlov and S A Levshakov "Microwave and submillimeter molecular transitions and their dependence on fundamental constants", Annalen der Physik, 2013, 525, 452-471; arXiv:1304.4510.
  2. A Derevianko and M G Kozlov. "CP-violating Magnetic Moments of Atoms and Molecules". Chapter in book "Advances in ATOMIC, MOLECULAR, AND OPTICAL PHYSICS", v.58, Edited by E. Arimondo, P. R. Berman, and C. C. Lin, Academic Press, 2010.
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  6. M Kozlov and L Labzowski. "Parity Violation Effects in Diatomics", J. Phys. B, 28, 1933-61 (1995) djvu (420Kb).

Selected Talks:

  1. "Quantum chaos in autoionizing states of many electron ions (in Russian)", Division of Quantum Mechanics, Saint-Petersburg State University, 13 December 2013.
  2. "Linear molecules: sensitivity to variation of fundamental constants", Varying fundamental constants and dynamical dark energy, Sesto, Italy, July 2013.
  3. "Violation of discrete symmetries", The application of simple molecules to fundamental questions in science, Chicheley, UK, July 2013.
  4. "Accurate calculations of atoms with several valence electrons" (in Russian), Conference on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants , Stara Lesna, Slovakia, September 2012.
  5. "Using molecules to test variation of fundamental constants". Talk at the workshop Fundamental Science with Ultracold Molecules, Boston, September 2011.

Publications and drafts 2013-2014:

  1. M S Safronova, S G Porsev, U I Safronova, M G Kozlov, and C W Clark "Blackbody radiation shift in the Sr optical atomic clock", Phys. Rev. A, 87, 012509 (2013); arXiv:1210.7272.
  2. M G Kozlov "Linear polyatomic molecules with Π ground state: sensitivity to variation of the fundamental constants", Phys. Rev. A, 87, 032104 (2013); arXiv:1211.5397.
  3. M G Kozlov and V V Flambaum "Exchange assisted tunneling and positron annihilation on inner atomic shells", Phys. Rev. A, 87, 042511 (2013); arXiv:1303.0931.
  4. M G Kozlov and S A Levshakov "Microwave and submillimeter molecular transitions and their dependence on fundamental constants", Annalen der Physik, 2013, 525, 452-471; arXiv:1304.4510.
  5. S Truppe, R J Hendricks,S K Tokunaga, H J Lewandowski, M G Kozlov, C Henkel, E A Hinds, and M R Tarbutt "A search for varying fundamental constants using Hz-level frequency measurements of cold CH molecules", Nature Commun. 4, 2600 (2013); ArXiv:1308.1496. Media: gazeta.ru.
  6. V V Flambaum, Y V Stadnik, M G Kozlov, and A N Petrov "Enhanced effects of temporal variation of the fundamental constants in 2Π1/2 term diatomic molecules: 207Pb19F", Phys. Rev. A, 88, 052124 (2013); ArXiv: 1310.2767 (2013).
  7. V A Dzuba, V V Flambaum, G F Gribakin, C Harabati, and M G Kozlov "Electron recombination, photoionization and scattering via many-electron compound resonances", Phys. Rev. A 88, 062713 (2013); ArXiv:1311.0585 (2013).
  8. S B Cahn, J Ammon, E Kirilov, Y V Gurevich, D Murphree, R Paolino, D A Rahmlow, M G Kozlov, and D DeMille "Zeeman-tuned rotational level-crossing spectroscopy in a diatomic free radical", ArXiv:1310.6450 (2013).
  9. A V Viatkina and M G Kozlov "Sensitivity of Tunneling-Rotational Transitions in Ethylene Glycol to Variation of Electron-to-Proton Mass Ratio", Published online in J. Mol. Spec., ArXiv:1401.6561 (2014).
  10. L Bougas, G E Katsoprinakis, D Sofikitis, T P Rakitzis, P C Samartzis, T N Kitsopoulos, J Sapirstein, D Budker, V A Dzuba, V V Flambaum, and M G Kozlov "Stark shift and parity non-conservation for near-degenerate states of xenon", Accepted to Phys. Rev. A, ArXiv:1403.4717 (2014).

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